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South Korea to visit our company access to the owner
Publishers:admin Time:2011-6-15 2:51:59 Reading:927Times

  June 6, 3:30 pm, South Korea, a well-known owners to visit our company visit our company to bring technology department chairman Yan Junbo Du Lianzhong manager, Liu Yanbin chief engineer of the South Korean shipowner and his party a warm welcome.
         First, Yan Junbo, chairman of the company introduced the basic situation, then, Du Lianzhong manager, Liu Yanbin chief engineer introduced me to Korean shipowners production process and production equipment company status, the owner of the South Korean company developed by Digital Pitch Gauge large cut riser machine, assembly machines and other equipment to make highly of our company and civilized production, corporate culture, product quality and highly appreciated.
        The two sides reached a friendly atmosphere in the production cooperation in the propeller of a consensus, and that the future will further promote cooperation in these fields.




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