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Calmly deal with the financial crisis, the company achieved a good start Anda
Publishers:admin Time:2011-6-15 2:50:08 Reading:1164Times

Since the beginning half of last year, a sudden global financial crisis quickly spread to all sectors, shipbuilding has been a great shock, for a time, domestic and foreign ship owners have to abandon the ship, the shipbuilding industry has brought great impact. In this case, Andy's quickly adjust business strategies to change the traditional concept of the market re-positioning of the hand a detailed order tracking and classification of the entire company's future positioning of the scientific evaluation. In this context, into 2009, Anderson's contrarian, to achieve a good start production in January, according to the contract delivery period the company has delivered 31800DWT, 57000DWT and a number of products, and organization of production of a number of medium-sized propeller, and received a number of new product orders, to ensure adequate diversification and of the order. Even more gratifying is that, through various efforts, and the shipyard several visits, the company successfully signed 57000DWT bulk of the casting and forging facilities contract, the contract signing, which marked the company's ability to further improve matching. From the original production to a marine propeller shaft, rudder, steel castings and other processing facilities. This order will be held in May 2009 onwards delivery.


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