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Shipbuilding industry revitalization plan by the State Council
Publishers:admin Time:2011-6-15 2:51:23 Reading:907Times

Much-anticipated revitalization of the shipbuilding industry adjustment plan finally released yesterday. Planning from the credit, taxation, such as the five ships scrapped to support the development of the domestic shipbuilding industry. The industry believes that increased demand from the export buyer's credit source of support, which is conducive to the recovery of the shipbuilding market.

Under the plan, the state will encourage financial institutions to increase the money ship export buyer's credit; the existing fiscal and financial policy to support domestic ocean extended to 2012; step up research to encourage the introduction of ship scrapping old single-hull tankers to update and enforce policies out; future 3-year moratorium on new production enterprises existing on the ship dock, berth expansion project; arrangements in the new central government investment in specific industrial revitalization and transformation, to support new high-tech ships, marine engineering equipment and key equipment research and development.


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